Care Beds

MaXXum Series

Long term care bed

  • 7 7/8” low to 28” high
  • Mobile or locked at any height
  • Travels virtually straight up and down
  • Variety of options
  • 4 IV + traction receptacles
  • High angle vascular foot rest
  • Honey comb roller bumper



MaXXum Fast Series

fastmaxxum1The “Fast MaXXum” meets OSHA’s speed guidelines while providing a superior low bed that travels from 7 7/8” to 30”, has a 500 lb safe working load and is available in multiple configurations.

  • Increases staff productivity
  • Reduces staff injuries related to lifting
  • Contributes to reducing staff turnover
  • Saves staff energy and reduces accumulative trauma
  • Meets OSHA speed recommendation
  • Saves Money


  • Long-Term Care Solutions

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    • * Space Tables
    • * Medical Seating
    • * Hospitality

Long-Term Care Beds

We specialize in assisting you to find the right beds to suit your patients and care givers.
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Capital Budget Requirements

We understand the challenges and time involved in completing your Capital Budget Requirments - that's why part of our service is assisting you with this task.
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